Rooftop Garden Design in Sydney

Steve Warner head shot

Principal Designer

– Fellow of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers & Managers
– Diploma of Landscape Design & Horticulture
– Diploma Landscape Construction

Our Rooftop Garden & Landscape Designs

At OUTHOUSE design we believe that landscape architecture can be delivered differently. That’s why we are leading the Roof Top Revolution. Join us and together we can make a difference. Lets turn your hot, exposed and windswept rooftop or balcony into a “Beacon of Green.”

Whether you want to create a green getaway, grow your own produce or just feel that you want to reduce your carbon footprint and make this world a better place. Our highly skilled, award-winning team are specialist designers in the field of rooftop and balcony garden design for both Residential and Commercial projects.

Our approach is site specific. We understand the complexities of design and are well versed in the intricacies of working with Strata and elevated installations. So what are you waiting for !


We appreciate that the idea of creating a Rooftop garden can be overwhelming ! With Strata, planning, engineering and access, to name a few important things to consider. But thats why engaging with OUTHOUSE design from day one, will make sure its feasible. Thanks to our innovative, yet simple solutions and our team of specialist service providers, we can make even the trickiest projects a reality.


At OUTHOUSE design we appreciate that every rooftop garden dream is different, so our designs are always unique to you and your location. Just like our longstanding relationships with our quality craftsman, enabling us to create bespoke elements that are sure to fit any space and your lifestyle – creating a private and personalised space that’s uniquely yours.


Thanks to our structured process and simple solutions, our dedicated project manager and qualified installation team will install your new green space safely, quickly and to the highest standard. Our tailored after service care program will ensure your garden settles in and goes from strength to strength, giving you the confidence to sit back, relax and celebrate being part of the Rooftop Revolution.

Our Roof Garden Structure Design Recognitions

Most recent recognition for projects within this portfolio:

AILDM 2021 Allan Correy Award for Design Excellence || AILDM 2018Best In Category – Rooftop Design || Gold Award – Rooftop Design ||  Kidsafe National Playspace Design Award 2016Leycester Meares Bequest Award for Innovative Design More…


Steve Warner established OUTHOUSE design as a landscape design and horticulture consultancy in 2010. This business was developed to compliment and further Steve’s experience over a number of years as a Landscape Design Officer for two local government authorities.

Throughout Steve’s career in both local government and in OUTHOUSE design Steve has been responsible for the direction and management of many projects working with Architects, Engineers, Playground Designers and Landscape Construction companies.