Project Description


Surry Hills | Communal Rooftop


It has long been agreed and promoted worldwide that green roofs and walls provide many environmental and community benefits. This opportunity for the residents of an apartment building was not just to remediate the rooftop, but step back and see this as critical moment to create fundamental change for all.

The proposed design seeks to elevate the value of the rooftop and maximize its footprint which results in improved air quality, supports biodiversity and insulates the building from heat and noise.

The modular layout of planters provides flexible engagement such as seating, lounging, exercise and group activities on the artificial turf areas. Light weight and low reflection materials support mixed low maintenance planting, whilst small trees provide year-round seasonal interest and shade.

The space provides a calm and green visual connection by overhead trellis and planters surrounding all different seating opportunities. Introducing 20% of the rooftop area to be a green landscape which lowers the heat impact and promotes a supportive healthy community.