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Drink or Swim

The Weekend Australian Magazine |  July 14-15, 2018

Making Big Ideas Work In Tiny Spaces

HOME magazine |  July 14, 2018

Blue Mountains Beauty

Backyard Creative Australian Living |  Issue 16.1

Urban Oasis

Outdoor Rooms |  37th Edition

Penthouse Paradise

Backyard Creative Australian Living |  Issue 15.6

The Art of Specification – Split Stone Flooring

Eco Outdoor Specification book

Sit Back

Backyard Creative Australian Living |  Issue 14.6

Puppy Paradise

Backyard Creative Australian Living |  Issue 8.2

Cover of Backyard Garden Styles

Urban Oasis

Backyard Garden Styles  |  Issue 1

The Happy Garden

Outdoor Design Source  |  Issue 19 2017

Gardening Australia magazine cover

Creature Comfort

Gardening Australia  |  June 2016

Backyard Makeovers cover

For The Family

Backyard Makeovers  |  Issue 5

Backyard Makeovers cover

Ticking The Boxes

Backyard Makeovers  |  Issue 5

Outdoor Rooms cover

Blue Mountains Beauty

Outdoor Rooms  |  30th Edition

Backyard Ideas Book cover

When Less Is More

Backyard Ideas Book  |  Issue 1

Backyard magazine cover

Small & Savvy

Backyard  |  Issue 7.8

Hort Journal cover

Grand Designs Live

Hort Journal  |  January 2015

Backyard Makeovers cover

Less Is More

Backyard Makeovers  |  Issue 4

Small Gardens cover

The Finer Details

Small Gardens  |  Issue 5

Outdoor Rooms cover

Small Wonders

Outdoor Rooms  |  19th Edition

Small Gardens Balconies & Courtyards cover

Out Of The Box

Small Gardens  |  Issue 4

Backyard Makeovers cover

An Evolving Space

Backyard Makeovers  |  Issue 3

Outdoor Rooms cover

Courtyard Cosy

Outdoor Rooms  |  18th Edition

Outdoor Rooms cover

Bespoke Entertainer

Outdoor Rooms  |  17th Edition

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas cover

Winning Design

Backyard Garden & Design Ideas  |  4.9

Outdoor Rooms cover

Small & Savvy

Outdoor Rooms  |  15th Edition

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas Cover

Petite Retreat

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas  |  10.3

Outdoor Rooms cover

Something Old, Something New

Outdoor Rooms  |  14th Edition

Backyard Makeovers cover

Home Harvest

Backyard Makeovers  |  Issue 2

Burke's Backyard cover

Peace & Party

Burke’s Backyard  |  February 2012

Landscape design media

Surprise Plot Twists

Sydney Morning Herald  |  November 5, 2011

House and garden magazine cover

Natural Wonders

Australian House & Garden  |  Nov 2011

Burke's Backyard magazine cover

Keep It Simple

Burke’s Backyard  |  May 2011

Great Vegie Gardens cover

Small & Savvy

Great Vegie Gardens  |  Issue 1

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas cover

Urban Living

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas  |  8.2

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas cover

Modern Makeover

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas  |  6.1

Wellbeing Organic Garden cover

Healing Gardens

Wellbeing Organic Gardens |  Issue 1

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas cover

On The Up

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas  |  7.4

Landscape Contractor Magazine cover

Paving the Way

Landscape Contractor  |  Nov/Dec 2012