Project Description

High-rise Downsized Retreat

Help Street, Chatswood | Residential


This incredible rooftop space offers broad district views and an abundance of light, but does not engage you in any way. Like many balcony spaces it is exposed to the elements, but also lacking in privacy from neighbours above.

Aerial view of pergola structure and balcony garden
View of BBQ bench and feature tree
View of seating area

Our clients have downsized from a traditional family home and garden, so the key to this project is a sense of green engagement, as well as a place to feel relaxed and proud to entertain with family and friends.

View of seating area under pergola
View of seating area under pergola

Working with the Strata Manager was crucial and it was agreed that we could replace the existing small structure, and replace with a more suitable covering that provides year round protection. Materials selected for both planters and the overhead would complement the overall feel of the building and so feel part of the original development.

View of raised planters near balustrade

Powdercoated planters together with a bespoke lightweight soil mix allow us to create a sustainable foundation for the selected shrubs and groundcovers, with the addition of scented Frangipani trees providing filtered privacy and shade.

View of floating bench seat