Project Description

Modern Eyrie Garden

Natura Rise, Norwest | Residential


Like many of our clients that downsize from a traditional family home they don’t miss the maintenance of a garden, but they do miss the sense of green and the positive wellbeing a garden can create. This incredible apartment has an impressive wrap around balcony, but its only current offering is a harsh expanse of paving.

Our design seeks to create three key zones, allowing a different function and experience in each with the key focus being the main balcony directly outside the kitchen and lounge area. But like many high level apartments extreme wind and negative views are a key design issue to deal with. So by creating bespoke raised planters that are colour matched to the building with can install drought tolerant planting that will not just block out the negative view, but frame the stunning district views.

Creating matching planters creates a visual connection to the building and a seamless garden bed that doesn’t just provide year round seasonal interest, but a point of connection for the seating, BBQ and importantly a vertical windbreak that doesn’t require fixing to the building.

Powder coated planters that are raised above ground allow us to run lighting and irrigation, together with a bespoke lightweight soil mix creates a sustainable foundation for the selected shrubs and groundcovers. The depth of the planters create sufficient support for the addition of scented Frangipani trees providing filtered privacy and shade.

  • Before photo
  • Before photo