Project Description


Hornsby, NSW | Health & Wellbeing


Our office is privileged to work with the team at one of Australia’s leading Rehab Hospitals who are seeking to not just create a specific outdoor mobility garden, but lead the way in how patients recover

This garden will act as an engaging space that also replicates the experiences we all encounter every day throughout the urban landscape. From manoeuvring through traditional terrains such as curbs, steps, slopes and gutters to the basic need of progressing from a seating to standing position

The mobility garden should encourage all patients and staff to engage in a positive manner, as a positive attitude to the experience will create an open mind to learn new skills and reinstate old ones. That is why this critical space needs to take the form of a seasonal garden that will ebb and flow year round with colour, scent and texture

Winding pathways constructed of varying materials such as pebbles, sand, step stones and gravel will challenge, whilst grade changes, grassed zones and tree roots will focus the skills needed

Platforms will replicate verandas, steps and thresholds with park benches being placed to provide respite, but also a rewarding space to stop, smell the multitude of flowers and take a moment under a deciduous tree, providing both shade and structure

By working with the specialist team at the hospital, each patient will be equipped in the skills and abilities needed to grasp independence, but in a safe and supporting environment