Project Description


St. Ives | Aged Care


Having already designed and executed an award winning outdoor space for our client, they sought our services once more, and we are delighted to have created multiple external spaces for their new location in St Ives.

As a design team focused on improving the lives of our older generation we embrace the opportunity to partner with one of Australia’s premier suppliers of aged care services, leading the way in how we care for our older population.

The overall site is split up into key functional areas, each space is unique whilst still being connected by a green envelope of planting and tactile materials.

Main entrance courtyard – The key objective of this design is to replicate a personal garden that the residents in the St Ives location will relate and personally engage with. The layered planting allows for seasonal change and is laid out in a way that is continual, calm and engaging. Focal points along the pathways suggest to the residents to slow down, stop for a moment and engage with their senses.

Multiple private seating nooks allow a personal moment of reflection, while larger spaces encourage and cater for friends and family to come together.

This garden has a positive personality through seasonal flowering trees, scented key shrubs and water movement. This creates engagement at ground level or from above, connecting with residents, staff and visitors.

Function room courtyard – This is a multi purpose space with the key requirements being aesthetic, flexible and functional for a variety of different activities. Bespoke laser cut leaf panels create a gathering focal point for outdoor functions, whilst an outdoor gallery allows for creativity and the chance to share and display artworks created by residents.