Project Description


Hawthorne Parade, Haberfield | Residential


At OUTHOUSE design, we understand how important interactive open space is to the enjoyment and health of its users, as well as the importance it can have in supporting both the individual and the family. But more importantly, a well-designed space can create a sense of calm when all around may be chaotic, a space to recharge the battery and find inspiration.

The brief for this project was to make sense of disparate existing elements in order to bring them into a cohesive whole. The existing pool, paved areas and run-down studio room stood disconnected in the landscape, offering little reason for this family to venture out of the living room and make use of the garden.

By using connecting materials and a range of low maintenance planting, better flow and visual connection was established from the rear of the home to a covered seating area within the pool zone. This outdoor room features a flexible layout and allows for maximum light penetration while permitting privacy when required.

The structure integrates into the landscape with easy circulation and access, and works with the overhead canopy of a beautiful mature Blue Gum at the rear of the property, providing much needed verticality and human scale below this mighty tree.

Engineered timber decking around the pool presents an opportunity for easy refurbishment and renewal of the existing pool coping into a low maintenance solution with a contemporary feel that ties in with the wider landscape. Privacy screening and varied shrub planting combine to finish the space with a unique soft and private character with seasonal feel.

  • Before image of garden with house
  • Before image of pool, lawn area and studio room
  • Before image of pool