Project Description

Walled City Garden

Allans Avenue, Petersham | Residential


These clients had recently moved into the property, were expecting their first child and had already begun the hard work of clearing existing concrete! Their back yard had an unusual feature – a tall, exposed brick wall that wrapped the rear portion of the garden on three sides, presumably the walls of a former shed.

Aerial view of meandering path
View towards rear of house
View of walled garden from deck

The house itself, in Sydney’s vibrant Inner West, is smart and nicely updated with a covered timber deck at the rear, so bringing the landscape up to date and into step with the house was a must. However, the clients also have a love of the Mediterranean, of soft, rustic material and bountiful colour and foliage.

Foundation plantings to soften the intersection of hard materials
Casual dining within the old shed structure

The design therefore had to fuse an old-world style into a modern, urban, semi-industrial context. Hardscape materials such as exposed aggregate concrete, subtly toned stone crazy paving and Corten steel were selected for their softer, more weathered appearance to unite the existing brickwork with a scheme of mixed shrub and perennial planting.

Casual dining in the former shed

The brick walls were a perfect opportunity to create a flexible outdoor living area, complete with a deciduous arbor of foliage growing overhead on the existing, now exposed roof rafters. A curved pathway linking the deck, the feature lawn and the living area helps create a meandering sense of invitation to explore this small but feature-packed walled garden.

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