Project Description

Terraced Garden

Robert Street, Willoughby | Residential


Our North Shore client has been on a major construction journey with the pressure of an extensive house renovation as well as strict planning controls. Hard and soft ratio calculations had to be adhered to, as well as levels compliance due to the location supporting an over land flood pathway

The main design direction was to work with the land and levels, whilst creating a connection and reason to engage outside. This design does that by creating a balance in the upper main terrace with an extensive lawn and visual connection to the pool.

The paving layout and selection was a key design consideration and by using large format modular paving we could concentrate tighter paving joints in heavy traffic areas and then bleed the paving out and infill with scented groundcovers as you are drawn away. This combination of layout allows us to achieve the hard and soft ratio whilst delivering a practical and sustainable solution. By using the same paver across the site, but in a different configuration we could create a calm and unified feeling within all areas of the garden.

Planting is a major calming factor and the need for low to no maintenance was vital, so a combination of key flowering shrubs, with mass ground covers supporting screen planting works a treat.

The inner courtyard is viewed from ground level and above so a mature Cercis was installed to provide instant impact and year-round seasonal change. This was also carried out into the lower garden to achieve a visual connection across the site and when up light provides an evening statement.