Project Description

Heritage Courtyard Transformation

Millers Point | Residential


Our client approached us with a problem: they had just purchased an old home in an incredible inner-city location, with a relatively generous rear garden for the area, with a desirable north-facing aspect. At some point in the past, there had been an attempt to update the outdoor space, but it resulted in a somewhat impractical, characterless space. Not only that: the property is a heritage-listed home dating from the 19th century.

The client is a keen gardener and loves plants, especially productive gardening and flowers. The brief was not only to bring the space functionally into the modern day – creating an attractive space for the style of outdoor living that has become so important to us – but to create a true garden in the middle of the city.

Due to the heritage nature of the property, and after extensive consultation with heritage specialists, the design took an extremely light touch and looked to techniques with zero impact on the existing site soil to avoid disturbance of potential buried artefacts: raised planters, ‘self-supporting’ stepstones and freestanding furniture combine to create a thoughtful, gentle response to the site and the client’s needs.

“I am so delighted with the result. This really wouldn’t have happened without you and team. It is great and certainly nothing I could ever have thought of! Thank you!”