Project Description


Macquarie Shopping Centre, Macquarie | COMMERCIAL


Welcome to Santa’s Secret Garden

From windswept beaches to forests of emerald green,
think of all the wonderful creatures you’ve just seen!

With glittery Christmas beetles rustling on the floor
and magical little glow worms in the cave you’ve just explored!

Blue Mountains Glow Worm Cave
Green moss wall with Christmas beetles

The cheeky Kookaburras and lazy wombats about,
spotted ladybirds and fish just hanging out

A lazy wombat exploring the woodland floor

In his secret garden Santa’s waiting just for you
To hear what’s on your wish list
And share it with an elf or two

What an incredible opportunity for our design office, when approached by AMP Macquarie Centre to create a completely new Christmas experience for 2019. This was a first in Australia, but we believe will be a new tradition for this flagship location to not just promote the vast array of planting found within the Australian landscape, with over 250 groundcovers, shrubs and trees located within this light field void, but an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for three incredibly important charities.