Project Description


Yagoona | Commercial


The RSPCA are building a new kennels and cattery facility which should allow for easier access, more space for the animals and better interaction with individuals, couples and families looking to adopt.

This new model of kennels and catteries allows people to sit and engage with the animals. At times, many of these animals are a bit nervous, scared or unsure about who these people are. It can take time for them to feel comfortable and show their true self. OUTHOUSE design has created a space where people can stop and sit with the animals, read to them and engage with them. The longer people spend at an adoption facility the higher the chance of adoptions has been found.

The importance of texture, colour, scent and visual interest ensure that the animals in care at this facility have things that spark interest and help prevent boredom. These sensory elements along with rotating toys, scented poles, enrichment activities and dedicated time outside their enclosure allows for a happier and relaxed animal while they wait for their forever home.