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Yagoona | Landscape Architecture


The Landscape Association Excellence Awards
2019 – National Gold Award & Best in Category Commercial and Civil Constructions
Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers
2016 – Coveted Allan Correy Award for Design Excellence 
2016 – National Gold Award & Best in Category Commercial Design

When you arrive at the RSPCA you want to feel welcomed, you may be stressed or concerned for your animal, or you may be waiting outside patiently supporting your loved one. So it’s vital that the landscape you experience is calm, offers you shade and maybe a moment to sit and reflect. We hope that the calm sound of water, fragrant planting and overhead shade provided by the flowering Crepe Myrtles offer just that. This is also an opportunity for the RSPCA to promote the serious commitment it has to its core values the “5 Freedoms” that it strongly stands by: ‘Freedom from hunger and thirst’,’ Freedom from discomfort’, ‘Freedom from pain, injury and disease’, ‘Freedom to express normal behaviour’ and ‘Freedom from fear and distress’. The water feature sculpture was designed by OUTHOUSE design to represent the ‘ever flowing’ and reciprocal commitment from the stakeholders to the organisation, and from the organisation to the stakeholders. The different colours of the concrete represent ripples of commitment and the tonal bands of the 5 Freedoms. This major sculpture statement was created by one of Australia leading Sculptures, Roger Apte and by day its acts as a cool and calming statement to visitors and birds alike, and by evening it calmly shimmers under its soft lighting and stands as beacon of hope.

RSPCA main entrance water feature at Yagoona
Boarder planting along side of the new building
Engraved brick pathway detail

As a community focused organisation the Yagoona shelter opens its arms to thousands of visitors on a daily basis, every animal that is cared for is always remembered and what a better way to do this than to create the ‘ walkway of remembrance ‘. This initiative doesn’t just allow the individual or community to remember with fondness the love of their family friend, but by funding each paver it’s a small way of making sure the great work undertaken by the RSPCA carries on for years to come.

  • Before image of the RSPCA head office front entrance at Yagoona
  • Before image of the RSPCA head office front entrance at Yagoona
Wire dog sculpture landscape architecture

“Outstanding landscape design! The landscape spaces have transformed our site Outhouse design had infinite patience working with our challenging site and their flexibility in meeting our changing needs was incredible. Highly recommend Steve and his team.”