Project Description


RSPCA | Commercial


As part of the RSPCA’s new building under construction at the Yagoona location, the inclusion of an Adoption and Education Centre is key to the future develop, support and education of staff, animals and customers. They say that we make wiser decisions and are more open to learning when we are in an environment that is both welcoming, calm and supportive.

With this in mind OUTHOUSE design was approached by the RSPCA to extend the already successful landscape design methodology, not just outside the main building and cafe, but to work closely with interior designers, ‘The Bold Collective’ and blur the lines between inside and out. The key areas of focus are the Café, Main Entrance and Education /Training centre. Even though these spaces provide a very different function, the landscape is the thread that knits them all together.

So, selecting low maintenance construction materials such as light weight concrete enabled us to create extensive organic seating structures in and around the proposed Café. This material and selected colours compliment the internal fixtures and draws the visitors outside. The mass scented and textural planting is carried on to both the main entrance, as well as the full extent of the building façade.

Cafe landscape with lightweight concrete seating and soft planting

A feature avenue of Corymbia ‘Summer Red’ Eucalypt trees create a welcome from the carpark and guide visitors towards the main entrance, whilst scented mass planting and external seating under the shade provide time out for training participants or visitors and staff just wanted to take time out from the busy day.

Cafe landscape with lightweight concrete seating and soft planting