Project Description

Macquarie Centre Easter Display

Macquarie Shopping Centre, Macquarie | Commercial


OUTHOUSE design was approached to develop this one-of-a-kind visual attraction to celebrate a key public holiday and continue to promote the sustainable footprint of Macquarie Centre through the medium of green.


It was clear from our meeting with the client that they are passionate and driven to create not just the best experience for families, but to push boundaries and celebrate important milestones that Australian families hold dear.

Heliconia flowers
Small egg

The built design features oversized colourful eggs housing a hand-picked selection of unique tactile plant arrangements. These are nestled around the giant carrot throne, which invites families to sit, interact and create their magical photo moment!

Large egg

The arrangement of a throne within a lush egg-themed display created an instant pop-up garden that allowed for memorable photo moments for visitors and shoppers with minimal supervision required. The flexible design keeps the project scalable to allow for future additions. Lightweight fabricated planters and smart planting came together in a rapid installation to produce a safe, flexible and fun statement piece of green art that could be easily stored for next year.

Before shot of location