Project Description


Dunmore Lang College | Education


Over 250 students studying at Macquarie University call Dunmore Lang College home. This extensive location provides fully-catered accommodation for undergraduate students while they study. Dunmore Lang College prides itself in developing safe and healthy residential communities that provide the support needed to ensure university students successfully negotiate the transition from school and home to university and beyond.

As part of this extensive support structure for students, OUTHOUSE design was approached by the Principle of the College to create a student and family ‘Welcome Garden’. This external communal space is critical for the mental wellbeing of the students on campus. It provides a relaxing and supportive space for students and families to come together, meet and support each other over key periods of the year.

The proposed location was confirmed for the garden after undertaking our site analysis, and due to its ideal location within easy access to catering facilities and college amenities the existing courtyard garden was reconfirmed. As the garden needed to support the ebb and flow of a wide range of visitor numbers, we created a level paved area with a graded access pathway.

A formal shade structure was designed to complement the building and this was supported by feature deciduous trees, offering year-round interest. Shade in summer and that well needed winter sun. Mass seasonal planting and raised production beds create a sense of calm and the inclusion of an extensive seating structure allows for those group gatherings.

When you are away from home it can be lonely, but the Welcome Garden aims to be a safe, calm gathering space that supports all, a place to meet, seek support if needed and make new friends. Its another way link in the chain of wellness that Dunmore Lang College on focused on creating for the students.