Project Description

Courtyard Getaway

Ruess St, Leichhardt | Courtyards


OUTHOUSE design was engaged to transform this inner city courtyard into an oasis that would transport you to another country. This client loves to entertain & wanted a garden which would connect with the back of the property. The space had to be easy to maintain whilst creating an exciting space for parties. With cost considerations, the client wanted us to retain the off-street roller door, while creating a ‘little magic’.

We painted the roller door black, then we created a feature panel on rollers (Lump Studio in Melbourne); which can be moved out of the way. The water feature is also a self contained unit which allow it to be move out of the way for greater access. The selection of the right feature tree ‘Cercis Avondale’, which when mature will give shade to the space, offers amazing foliage contrast & purple flowers. The water feature and laser cut features add elements of peace to the space, transporting you out of the city and into a zone of relaxation.

“The end result is amazing, I am forever getting comments on the evolving garden. The garden was not only an extension of my home but also of my personality.”