While this amazing home would be the envy of most people, the garden certainly wasn’t,” says Steve Warner of OUTHOUSE design who designed the space. “Being only 3.5m wide and 6m long, and enclosed with  3 metre high walls, the initial garden felt like a small concrete box.” In summer, the outdoor area was also hot and claustrophobic and in winter it was dank and uninviting — all of which wasn’t very enticing or habitable for the homeowners.

The owners had spent a number of years renovating the home, but when it came to the outside area, the space was overwhelming to them. They commissioned OUTHOUSE design after seeing their portfolio of gardens and were also aware that they had recently won the prestigious National AILDM design competition for best residential design.

The brief was simple. The owners wanted an outside space that was inviting. It needed to be timeless and to also have a relationship with the house, but retain its own personality.