Project Description


Henrietta Street, Waverley | Private Residences


This traditional Eastern Suburbs terrace front garden may be a tiny space, but its full of character and goes to show that small doesn’t mean boring borders and hum drum planting. The brief was simple, we love our dogs but have no place for them to dig, sniff and do the things that dogs need to do! As we share the love of dogs, it was a joy to create a garden that does all that, but provides so much more.

Rhaphiolepis foliage
Native Grevillea spiky foliage

The oversized raised planter creates strong visual interest, whilst supporting a stunning feature Deciduous Cercis and underplanting of scented gardenia radicans. The oval long pile synthetic grass is soft under foot for our four-legged family, whilst allowing great drainage. Its shape provides for deep garden beds, allowing for a variety of hardy native plants and grasses, just right for a ramble and rummage. Clipped Westringia, Gardenia and Raphiolepis bring a formal feel and year-round flower, whilst Lomandra creates the contrast.

Pet friendly
Rounded shrubs
Clients dogs enjoying the garden

Oversized step stones make access easy, and maintenance is a thing of the past with a deep layer of gravel. Our clients has even provided a native bee hotel for our local friends to take advantage of the flowering Grevillea and Myoporum groundcovers.

Bee attracting garden art
Native Grevillea flower