Project Description


Chatswood | Entry Landscape Design, Commercial


This established residential complex is situated in the mixed urban setting of Chatswood. It houses an abundance of over 500 modern residential apartments. The new entrance statement will relaunch the building as one of the city’s most vibrant green hubs. The design allows for comfortable pedestrian access and marks a grand building entrance with the help of bespoke elements.

A destination that enables residents and all that visit to feel inspired, safe and valued. Through a series of on-site assessments focused on spatial circulation, access, safety and wayfinding, our design team established a number of design changes that would elevate this location.

The main focus of the rejuvenation is the new entrance layout, this together with feature raised planters, bespoke lighting and elegant materials create visual interest and a dynamic flow.

Clean planting lines mark the entrance, whilst feature handrails wrap around the planters and convey a sense of elegance and direction.