Project Description


Probert Street, Newtown | Residential


Australian Institute of Landscape Designers & Managers
2019 – National Gold Award Residential Landscape Design Less than 50m2

This amazing inner-city terrace had recently been fully renovated with a modern kitchen and dining experience at the rear of the home, but as so often happens the creativity ended at the back door with no connection to the courtyard garden. Old paving, combined with a miss match of garden pots and clear view to the car really was creating the wrong focal point for our clients.

The courtyard as viewed from inside the home
The fence and path into the space, bounded by bamboo screening on one side and the internal courtyard on the other.
Detailing of mistletoe cactus and jasmine
Water feature next to the plantings and seating.

As a landscape design practice based in the inner city, we appreciate parking is a premium, the last thing we wanted to do was remove this benefit, but with a small child and family dog we needed to create a safe low maintenance space, whilst delivering a sense of green and architectural interest that would complement the refined internal finishes of the home.

Our solution was to fabricate a number of bespoke vertical screens with a pattern that would allow air and light into the space, whilst blurring the sight lines to the garage. The laser cut screen was fixed to the existing garage structure and acts as a foundation for our overhead planters. This way we could bring a sense of green into the space without creating additional ground level garden beds, that may be too much of an enticement to our four-legged friend.

laser cut screening alongside mistletoe cactus
A series of plantings within the raised planter boxes

Using light weight concrete enables us to create a visual flow from BBQ to seating solution, offering year-round easy maintenance, whilst external cushions create a pop of colour and comfort. Oversized paving creates a seamless internal external connection and the inclusion of both vertical and under seat storage just makes life that little bit easier when space is at a premium.

The planting is a combination of different textures, scents and foliage therefore creating interest year-round and the self-reticulating water feature creates that little extra layer of interest and takes the edge off the inner-city noise.

Close up image of mistletoe cactus and mother in law tongues
Detail image of water feature and surrounding plantings
Plantings in raised planter box
  • before image of the garage and concreted driveway