By the time March rolls around, it feels like the whole garden is heaving a collective sigh of relief! February can be tough on our plants, and late summer gardens can look a bit tired, but once the nights start to cool off a flush of growth can give new life to your plantings.

  • Dahlias will typically put on their final display of glorious colour in March – make sure to deadhead and remove spent blooms to keep the display going as long as possible and help prevent disease. Once the display is finished, clean up the spent flowers, but let the plant stay in the ground until it starts to yellow and die back.
  • Japanese windflowers are another great plant for autumn floral display. These beauties are known more as a shade plant and are definitely suited to a part shade position, but they really benefit from some direct sun to put on their best show. Pair with other autumn flowers like Plectranthus.
  • Daytime temperatures have probably peaked, so March is the time to revisit any plants that have suffered during summer – prune off any sun damaged material as needed, and consider relocating anything that might be getting too hot!

March is a cracking time to plant in Sydney – take advantage of the cooler nights and warm soil and give your plants the best start possible. If you’re not sure what to plant, OUTHOUSE offers in-person consultations in your garden with qualified and experienced designers and horticulturalists to help you get the most value out of your landscape. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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