March is the wettest month of the year in Sydney, and lingering summer heat can make it feel like an extension of February. The onset of autumn means gradually cooler nights and lower highs, however, and March is a great time to be out in the garden if the weather is dry!

  • This is the ideal time to plant in our climate, with warm soils, cool nights and high rainfall giving new plants the best possible head start, over the longest period, before the next summer heatwave. Make sure to monitor new plants while temperatures are still fluctuating.
  • For many species that benefit from a bit of additional feeding, March is the last time to fertilise before winter dormancy. Gardenias, magnolias, roses and camellias will enjoy an application of organic, low-phosphorus fertiliser before the autumn growth spurt. Deadhead roses to keep them blooming well into autumn.
  • Get your winter veggies and annuals in now. Broad beans, sweet peas, leafy greens like spinach and silverbeet, and broccoli and brussel sprouts need to go in the ground now, to give them plenty of time to grow through the cooler months.