Project Description

Western Sydney Playground – In Progress



This playground seeks to stimulate children with countless opportunities for play and encourage their imagination to run wild and connect with nature. With inspiration taken from pre-existing plant communities and the areas rich history such as the Georges river, Dharug and Dharawal land including the woodworm, OUTHOUSE design was abled to create an environment that tells a story and create connection to country.

The playground is filled with multilevel challenges for the kids, with an emphasis on sensory and nature play as well as climbing opportunities. This allows theschool community to explore, learn and seek adventure within a fun and safe environment. Sensory play is achieved through the use of tactile planting, contrasting colours, varying materials and textures to maximises interaction and engagement with their surroundings.

OUTHOUSE design is focused on delivering inclusive play environments utilising the ‘Everyone Can Play’ principles, such as the inclusion of wide pathways, play equipment which can support mobility needs and in-ground trampolines with wheelchair access.