Project Description


Stockland Green Hills My Funland | East Maitland, NSW | Playspace


OUTHOUSE design was invited to bring the outside in for one of Australia’s premium shopping centres, by designing a unique and inclusive natural play experience. This little pocket play space for the Stockland Green Hills shopping centre, takes imagination to a whole new level. Being an internal space, this project came with the challenges of designing within an extremely limited and unusual layout, with the added impact of working with an existing tiled surface. The tiny pocket play space caters for families and children of all ages and considering all-inclusive design in small spaces.

Follow the Hunter River along the ground to discover what it holds
The cubby house is a place for quiet time in the playground
Log steppers help kids learn to balance and create an interesting ground plane to play on

Working with the 7 Senses Foundation and Kidsafe NSW, OUTHOUSE design focused on interweaving key components of the 7 Senses philosophy within this small, but critical space. The inspiration behind the overall design was drawn from the East Maitland’s Historical Hunter River, and its rich and diverse Flora and Fauna. It was important to include a combination of natural and man-made materials, as this provides a balance of longevity, tactile surfaces and interactive play elements. This pocket play space offers children an opportunity to explore their surrounding environment, and educate them through discovery, fun challenges and interactive activities.

Weave through the flexible forest and see what you can discover in the cubby
Crawl through the tunnel and under the arbour to discover whats hiding in the river
The use of play panels help interact with children of all abilities
The varied levels in the play space help create exploration and challenges for younger children
Timber balance logs to help children build skills while playing

Key features include the delightful timber clad story telling cubby which caters for those quiet moments, just to get away and read a book or sit for a moment and grab an afternoon nap. The timber balancing logs create an undulating landscape, whilst the crawl tunnel offers fun and activity. Children can traverse the imaginative winding hunter river and spot the native fish swim upstream and chat to friends and family via the interactive talk tubes. Not forgetting the flexible forest and interactive play panels, this pocket play space packs a punch for all.

A crawl tunnel and balance logs teach children balance and movement through a space
Crawl tunnel and timber balance logs to get across the river
Inside the cubby house you can discover the insects and bugs that hide in the timber