Project Description


Ashfield Baptist Childcare Centre | Ashfield | Early Childhood


Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers
2016 – National Gold Award Commercial Landscape Design, Educational

This Inner West childcare play space was dominated by a mature Jacaranda tree that had to be removed due to its size, safety concerns and impact on the overall site. Through discussion with the client it was decided that we create features in the landscape that would represent this once great focal point and retain the natural character of the space. With this in mind we designed two amazing sculptural trees which have been created from recycled tree limbs. Both elements, together with a recycled timber bridge, screens, activity table and funky mushroom seats, create an engaging tactile space for all the children to enjoy.

The key factor is that even though we had to remove this significant tree, its spirit and memories created for the children remain. The inclusion of Spanish moss hanging from the branches and the native planting create character within the space and a sense of wonder for the children.

Play space design blackboard and toadstool seats
Play space design feature tree
Play space design feature

In this modern age with children constantly over engaging with technology, this natural space is a creative getaway for young minds and offers so much for the imagination. Key items have been located at a height to allow for interaction with all users, such as enchanted mirror, chalk board and talking tubes and troll bridge for silly fun. The talking tubes create interesting communication and the chalk board for drawing and games brings the classroom outside. Even the smallest detail of the personalised timber railing with engravings engage with the children, individualize the space and create role play.

Play space design feature plant
Play space design feature
Play space design pathway
Play space design wall mirror
Play space design bridge
Play space design mushroom seating
Play space design blackboard
  • Play space before renovation
  • Play space before renovation
  • Play space before renovation
Play space design blackboard and toadstool seats

“The Jacaranda tree is back!”

“If you listen carefully, you can hear the fairies hiding in the forest.”

“Quick the storm is coming, jump on and hold tight!”

Play space design blackboard

“Outhouse Design have an eye for detail, which I was very grateful for.”

“The children love the new playground and I whole heartedly recommend Outhouse Design landscapes and gardens.”