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“The best fertiliser is a gardener’s shadow.”

We don’t know who said it first, but the old proverb is still true. A garden flourishes when someone watches over it.

We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident with their plants, which OUTHOUSE is launching a new horticultural consultation service to empower our clients. You might be the new owner of an established garden, or your garden might be brand new; maybe you feel like you kill every plant you touch or you get nervous around secateurs!

Whatever your situation, OUTHOUSE is offering a tailored on site consultation to walk you through your garden, answer any of your questions and educate you on the technical aspects of garden horticulture – pruning, fertilising, watering, planting!

As a follow up, we can also create a maintenance calendar for you, giving you a long term plan for all typical tasks for your garden. Take the guesswork out of owning a garden and get comfortable with the basics – you’ll be a green thumb in no time!

Get in touch now to organise a visit from one of our horticultural design experts.