Today marks the 2023 World Mental Health Day and this year’s theme is ‘Mental Health is a Universal Human Right’.

As an advocate for wellbeing landscape design, our studio believes that the built environment and communal spaces can be intentionally crafted to support and promote a sense of belonging, encourage social connections, and nurture our mental health.

With your help, let’s restore and transform unused and worn-out spaces into green and therapeutic places, one space at a time, and for all to enjoy.

Tip of the Month

When clients ask us to create wellbeing landscapes, we ask them ‘Who will be using the space?’ and ‘What is a Happy Place to them?’. The same place often means different things to different people, so it is crucial to know who your users are.

For instance, a hospital may represent hope for healing to patients and their loved ones, but also evoke feelings of anxiety or fear due to the uncertainty of their condition and medical procedures they might undergo.

For medical professionals and healthcare staff, a hospital is their workplace. It is a place where they collaborate with colleagues, make critical decisions, and face daily challenges and stresses due to the demanding nature of their jobs.

Health + Wellbeing Project of the Month


Check out how an underutilized lawn space next to a car park of this rehabilitation hospital is transformed into a wellness garden for patients, visitors and healthcare staff to rest, get respite and soak up some sun outside of the wards.

The new outdoor space also serves as a mobility garden for physiotherapists to have outdoor physiotherapy sessions with their patients when the weather is fair.

Begin your Journey with a Wellness Audit

Register your interest now to undertake a complementary site-specific wellness audit with our Health and Wellbeing Landscape Architect. Let us help you unlock that forgotten space and turn it into a happier and healthier place!