The season of growth is well and truly on us now – the early blossoms have already disappeared and evergreens and deciduous trees will already be flush with new foliage. This is an important stage between winter dormancy and the extremes of summer, so there’s a few tasks and tips to keep in mind.

The season for hard pruning deciduous species is over. Although some plants like roses will still tolerate a tardy haircut, doing so may delay their flowering. Conversely, now is a great time to think about pruning many evergreen species, such as Citrus varieties, especially if your shrubs or trees need a major cut. Tip pruning is also critical at this time of year to manage plants at a particular size or shape, or to improve density.

As temperatures start to increase, organic materials begin to break down and release their components into the soil, so now is a great time to apply composts and manures to garden beds, and organic low-phosphorus fertilisers to those plants that will benefit most from them, such as roses, gardenias and magnolias.

Finally, it’s not just plants that thrive in spring – all that soft, luscious new growth can be vulnerable to attack by pests and disease. Monitor for problems like citrus leaf miner, aphids, and, especially in unusually wet conditions, diseases such as black spot or powdery mildew, and treat accordingly.

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