It’s the end of spring, and the days are getting steadily hotter. Keep your garden thriving over the summer months by completing some basic preparation beforehand:

  • Check your irrigation timer, clean any filters (if your system has them) and inspect your lines – if you walk around the garden while the water is flowing, you should be able to hear any major leaks. If your system runs on rainwater, you should also check your pump. Correcting any problems now, ahead of summer, will help avoid potential disaster down the track if plants aren’t getting the water they need.
  • Most spring bulbs will have finished their display by now, but don’t cut them back until the foliage turns yellow and begins to die off. They may have finished flowering, but your bulbs need time with their green leaves to build up their stores of energy before they turn dormant for summer. Leave the foliage until it has visibly died back.
  • Some gardens will benefit from the addition of compost and fertiliser, and now is a perfect time as the warm weather will speed the breakdown of organic material into the soil. This is especially helpful if you’re growing hungry exotics, although even Australian natives can use a boost every now and then. It’s important to use moderation, however, as over-application of fertilisers is harmful for soil and plant health, and has knock-on effects for the environment. If in doubt, we offer one-on-one and group training sessions, on site in your garden, tailored to your skills and needs with a qualified and experienced horticulturalist. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.