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Reimagine Your Space with Unique Garden Design by OUTHOUSE design

Garden design is more than just arranging plants – it’s a reflection of your individuality. At OUTHOUSE design in Sydney, we don’t impose our garden design opinions; instead, we collaborate with you to achieve a harmonious outcome. Our gardens embody your personality, and we take pride in forging that connection, igniting your passion for the great outdoors.

OUTHOUSE design is a landscape and garden design company unique in that it offers traditional landscape architecture delivered differently. As a team, we have proven that this can be done successfully. Our highly skilled, award-winning team in Sydney, Australia, is made of specialists who lead projects in private residential gardenshealth and well-being, commercial and education and play and recreation.

Why Choose OUTHOUSE design for Your Garden Project:

  • Collaborative Creativity: We believe in co-creating stunning garden spaces that resonate with your style and preferences.
  • Excellence in Expertise: Our Sydney-based team comprises seasoned specialists who excel in their craft and have earned accolades for their exceptional work.
  • Diverse Domains: Whether it’s enriching private gardens or fostering well-being in health-centric environments, our scope covers a wide spectrum.
  • Innovative Garden Artistry: OUTHOUSE design seamlessly blends innovation with time-honored garden design practices, resulting in breathtaking outdoor spaces.
  • Leaving a Lasting Impression: Our wealth of experience empowers us to craft garden designs that stand as enduring testaments to your vision.

Embarking on a garden project is an exciting journey, and at OUTHOUSE design, we’re eagerly awaiting the opportunity to help you bring your garden dreams to life. With a legacy of distinctive garden designs, we’re here to create outdoor sanctuaries that inspire and captivate for generations to come.

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“My imagination peaked with a peek behind the doors cut into these habitat logs.”


“We engaged Outhouse Design for a key project in designing a suitable outdoor courtyard space for up to 700 students. The design included spaces that could be used for outdoor classrooms, as well as informal gathering spaces, along with an outdoor kitchen. The design and project has been a huge success. We found the Outhouse Design team great to work with and they really listened to our requirements and ideas, delivering great design concepts. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them for your next project.”

PROGRAMS MANAGER, Knox Grammar School

“After several discussions with the OUTHOUSE team, the final proposal was absolutely amazing and exceeded our expectation. They often popped around during the construction and checked everything was on the right track. We are very happy with the final product as well as their hard work.”

HOTEL OWNER, Best Western

“It was a pleasure working with Steve and the team at OUTHOUSE Design, his ability to think out of the box and problem solve makes all the difference. If you are an Architect or interior designer, engaging a landscape design professional makes all the difference.”


“This is no ordinary garden. Sit in the gazebo, or the butterfly seats, the leaf seats, the red dotted toadstool table & chairs, the red and white dot bean bags or even in the mobile phone box and you can feel it – through the combined skills and talents of all involved everyone brought their love to an empty concrete balcony for the good of all. That is very special indeed – on behalf of us all at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick – thank you”

FAIRY SPARKLE, Sydney Children's Hospital - Fairy Garden