December Garden Tips

December signals the start of summer – in Sydney this means temperatures and humidity are already on the rise. Christmas is around the corner and everyone is scrambling to get their gardens in order for the holidays!

Summer weather can be very variable. Although we’ve seen high rainfall over the last twelve months, it’s important to remember we can also experience dry periods. Even short dry spells, coupled with temperature spikes and windy weather can cause wilting and stress on many garden plants, especially when young. The best approach is to keep an eye on the weather and on your plants – many will tell you when they are running out of water!

Mulch is also crucial to plant and soil health over summer – a layer of organic mulch will insulate the soil, retain moisture and keep it cooler for roots and soil-dwelling organisms. Make sure your garden beds are well mulched before the heatwaves of late summer arrive.

As temperatures and daylight hours begin to peak, lawn growth will be taking off. The best approach in summer is to cut frequently – as much as once a week – but not too low, ensuring a good fuzz of green grass blades remains after each cut. This provokes stronger and thicker regrowth without creating bald spots or exposing vulnerable stolons (creeping stems) to drying out.

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