‘Tonight’s Allan Correy Award for Design Excellence is a great joy for me to present and, being very familiar with Allan Correy’s core design values, I know that he would have heartily approved. The company awarded tonight is one that has built an enviable reputation over many years, consistently delivering high quality designs and being recognised many times in these very awards with several gold awards, silver awards and also Best in Category awards.

It is an impressive body of work. I would like to make particular mention of the company’s pro bono work, as it reflects an attitude that good quality design should not just be the preserve of the wealthy, and that worthy projects should receive support from those of us who are able to give it. The principal of this company is someone who is passionate about designing high quality landscapes, who also believes strongly in giving back to various communities, and also in the healing power of landscapes to change both people and places.

And so, tonight’s Allan Correy Award for Design Excellence goes to Outhouse Design.’ Catherine Stewart

Photo courtesy of Casamento Photography