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Gardens can heal the soul and replenish our spirit.


It has long been said that gardens can heal the soul and replenish our spirits. And for years we have been coming together in one form or another to cultivate soil, produce food and experience a social connection. The term Therapeutic landscapes is a great descriptive umbrella and in our life journey we may all benefit from the physical and mental wellbeing that a considered landscape would provide. Despite the possible, cognitive, psychological or physical challenges we may experience.

OUTHOUSE design has had the privilege to support a number of worthy organisations in the design and development of user specific landscapes and hope through the contribution of design we can continue to make a difference and support our families, carers and broader communities. Whether being young or aging, we all deserve interaction with nature.

•  Dementia specific design
•  Sensory Gardens
•  Therapeutic landscapes
•  Healing and rehabilitation
•  Edible and production gardens
•  Therapeutic, sensory & special needs design