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Enjoy the calm haven of a garden.


In this fast-moving and frantic life, we lead, it’s vital everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the calm haven of a garden.

At OUTHOUSE design, we don’t have an ego that forces our design opinion on our clients, we work together for a unified outcome. Our gardens do represent the personality of our clients and we pride ourselves on making that connection and to inspire you to get outside!

The delivery of a personalised design is critical, but our job doesn’t stop there. The construction of a great outdoor space is what drives us, so we will work closely with you to select a sub-contractor to implement the design. We can also help project-manage the build.

We pride ourselves on bringing what’s on paper, to life!

•  Advice and Consultation
•  Concept drawing and Construction documentation
•  Landscape plans for Development Applications (DA) and Construction Certificates (CC)
•  Planting Plans for the DIY enthusiast
•  Plant supply and Project Management