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Project Description


Annandale | Early Childhood


Supporting the local community is very important, so when asked to rejuvenate a tired outside space, we didn’t hesitate. The brief was clear, it shouldn’t be a plastic playground, but a space that would ignite the imagination, offer different activity area’s for groups and individuals and most importantly promote natural products and native plants found in the local area.

Play space design log maze
Play space design
Play space design feature planting

Working with the parents group we developed a masterplan, which enables the kindergarten to stage the works, when time and funding will allow. The design was brought to life by Andrew at and we love his mushroom seats, troll bridge, crazy mirror and the enchanted forest.
Cant wait for stage 2 works.

Play space design toadstool seats and table
Play space design wooden chimes
Play space design with children
  • Play space before renovation
  • Play space before renovation
  • Play space before renovation
Play space design wooden chimes

“It’s kind of magical that inspires their pretend play.”

“We love having picnics and afternoon tea in the forest.”

Play space design feature planting

“It is such a beautiful and natural play area where children can explore.”

“Wow it’s like from Alice in Wonderland…I love the mushrooms.”


“Let’s go to the forest”   “Be careful of the troll” (when playing near the bridge)  “It’s a hiding place for treasure.”

“I love the wind chimes because they give the children the chance to play with something natural, hear different sounds; not only music but they can also play hide and seek.”