Project Description


Pavilion Street, Queenscliff | Residential


This relaxed surf style family beach home on the Northern Beaches is minutes from the beach with incredible views, but the front garden just isn’t engaging and lacks the vibrant personality of our client and his family. So the idea is to create a sense of arrival and interest by installing oversized round step stones in a combination of materials such as local sandstone, poured coloured concrete and pervious gravel.

You are enticed into the garden via the organic tactile timber gate, then embraced by a wide range of key flowering shrubs, grasses and groundcovers, all local to the coastal area and suitable for the coastal location.

The change in level and step stone size, slows you down and allows you to embrace the space. The focal point in the garden is the oversized wrap around lounge setting, ideal for getting out of the hot sun in summer, or just hanging around the fire pit on those cold coastal nights with a glass of red wine.

Lush bird attracting hedges create privacy, whilst the timber verticals of the boundary fence let in plenty of light and still allow a connection to the outside community. This garden is strong in personality, being viewed from within or from above and offers year round interest and drama!

Perspective from the Upper Deck into garden