Project Description


Cremorne, NSW | Play & Recreation


At Only About Children early learning and preschool they believe that they do things a little bit differently by taking the time to offer a holistic approach, to high quality education centred not just on learning, but also the overall health and wellbeing of your child. At OUTHOUSE design we believe that the design for the internal and external space can be done differently and that’s why were selected to create this unique space within the purpose-built three-story location at Cremorne.

This active outdoor play experience is set on the top floor of the building and acts as a learning extension to the preschool rooms.  The outdoor space represents a natural forest, a place to explore, play and be challenged. It’s a space that is designed with the 7 Senses at the forefront, so allowing children to learn through discovery.

It features soaring natural timber structures supporting planting such as Stag and Elk Horns, all representing a mature forest. The ground finish is made up of graded green surfaces and a combination of textures such as rubber soft fall and long pile synthetic grass, drawing the children into areas of discovery, over and under rope bridges, balancing across steppers with garden beds and traversing their way into the cubby via an extensive sandpit moat.

Conceptual sketch perspective of main timber play tower with timber balancing bridge

Tree ferns create texture as well as the year-round interest and this combines with scented shrubs and groundcovers. The space has a production gardens for learning and break out discovery tables within the soaring trees for small group activities.

Conceptual sketch perspective of timber play towers and lush planting