Project Description

Luxuriant Hamptons Experience

Boundary Street, Clovelly | Residential


The key objective of the proposed design was to rejuvenate the existing landscape and make it a more family friendly space to access and enjoy.

Although the rear lawn presented a virtual blank slate, the back of the house was built high above the level of the existing garden. This created a disconnection between the indoor living space and deck, and the rest of the yard.

The design formalised the upper dining area and opened up an easy flow from the deck down into the garden, with a separate outdoor room at the rear of the garden providing opportunity for casual hangouts and sauna!

The layout and planting improves the usability and sense of privacy in the garden and produce a coherent private open space that has long term appeal. The surfy clients, beachside suburb and white, modern house suited a clean Hamptons-style aesthetic.

The design includes a plunge pool, outdoor room with overhead structure, green roof, timber decking, stepstones, raised planter, lawn, seating zones and proposed trees for interest and privacy.