Project Description


Leichhardt | Play & Recreation


This inner west childcare centre has the community at its heart, with a strong sense of learning, discovery and experience for all. OUTHOUSE design was invited to review the existing site and see what could be achieved on a very tight budget, and if possible, work with the existing rear play space layout. Like many locations it’s important to encourage the children to be active and most of all explore outside! and what better way to support the learning outcomes of the centre than create a number of outdoor classrooms.

Conceptual sketch perspective of timber cubby and native plant garden

The first step of the process was to create an overall Masterplan for the space. This stage was critical, as this enabled our team to work with all stakeholders and undertake an audit of the grounds. We needed to understand what works well, what doesn’t work and what do we want the children and staff to get out of this space.

Once this critical stage was complete, it was clear that with a bit of re design and a combination of materials such as log steppers, large organic step stones and coloured concrete pathway sections we could create an exciting discovery loop. This loop would connect different activity zones, offering structured play, natural play and best of all a production garden that children can get the hands dirty and learn all about food production.

Conceptual sketch perspective of outdoor classroom area

So far, this project has been a great success and with the Master plan being followed, and in cases used to seek funding, this space is well on its way to being complete. As always, great things take time, but investing in a Masterplan early really does make a difference.

Conceptual sketch perspective of sandpit and production garden playspace
  • Before image of Leichhardt Childcare back garden playspace
  • Before image of Leichhardt Childcare back garden playspace
  • Before image of Leichhardt Childcare back garden playspace