Project Description


Fishers Reserve, Petersham | Residential


This property was a smartly renovated terrace in the inner west, with a landscape that did not live up to the interior. In the rear garden, a set of wide steps created a disconnect between the living area and the landscape, while down the side, a generous lightwell was more or less unused. The clients also wanted to create a safe space for their indoor cat to venture out into.

The proposed design involved investing in excavating more of the backyard to create a single, welcoming space wrapped in planting and offering privacy from neighbours. A built-in seat would then create a flexible zone for relaxation and entertaining.

The fencing and planting also gave consideration to reducing escape points for the cat by using soft, non-woody plants around the boundary.

The paved lightwell courtyard was augmented with fabricated planters to soften the space, allowing for another seat to connect with the internal living space. Wall-mounted sculptural pieces finish the space by offering an interactive experience for the cat as well as an aesthetic focal point.