Project Description


Inner West, Sydney | Education


OUTHOUSE design was approached to design a concept that would support the Community consultation design vision. Together in collaboration with the School’s principal and community feedback, OUTHOUSE design sought an opportunity to celebrate the spirit and history of the Schools four house teams.

Totem poles
Music piece
Concrete seating

The natural playground is made up of a number of individual activity zones. Each zone represents the unique spirit of the schools four house teams. The fifth and final destination point of the journey connects you to the amphitheatre stage, representing the school coming together in unison, still promoting the spirit of the individual, but the strength of the collective.

Deck with climbing rope
Multi-sport court
Arched arbour

This design focuses on using sustainable recycled materials that encourage low level play, a sports court, outdoor learning amphitheatre, sensory garden with talking tubes and musical chimes and other hidden gems to explore.

Overhead structure
View of grassy mound and overhead structure
Overhead structure
Bridge and dry creek bed
  • Before image of primary pathway, patched grass area and lack of privacy from street
  • Before image of patched grassed area and bare brick wall
  • Before image