Project Description


Burton Primary School SA | Primary Education


As we blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors at home, the same should apply for our children at school and their leaning environments. Educational play spaces encourage learning to be fun, that it can be hands on and when possible that children use all 7 senses when learning.  OUTHOUSE design was commissioned to design landscaped community commons, including shared outdoor learning area and amphitheater, links the Library, Hall, OSHS, junior learning areas and preschool creating an engaging and active community heart for the school and wider school community. This coupled with a series of interactive and shared outdoor educational play spaces for both the primary and preschool. Landscape solutions included an inviting entrance plaza that would embrace and welcome both parents, children and teachers alike setting the scene of a relaxed and engaging learning experience. This combined with alfresco eating encourages children to take time out of the classroom, socialize and share their learning experience. Another major part of this project was the creation of supportive landscapes for the junior learning areas and preschool.

The outdoor classroom focused on complimenting the schools syllabus through teaching the children about the environment.

Play space design raised garden beds
Play space design blackboards
outdoor classroom
Play space design children playing
Play space design dry creek bed with bridge