Project Description


Lieutenant Cantello Reserve, Hammondville | Playground


Working with Variety NSW and promoting the ‘Everyone Can Play’ principles, OUTHOUSE design developed an inclusive playground design inspired by the local Georges River. Inviting all children and families to take a journey through the key habitat islands where they can explore and discover where plants and animals live!

In the tall Eucalyptus forest climb the giant tree house and take a ride in the gum nut spinners

Our key habitat activity zone ‘Eucalyptus forest’ highlights the inspiration of the key threatened species such as the koala. So in this zone you can enjoy climbing the tall Eucalyptus tree towers, spinning on the gumnuts, balancing on the gum leaf steppers and sliding down the giant slide from the upper tower canopies! With educational elements for Children to learn as they adventure through the forest.

Explore the swamp lands under the shade of the mangrove tree sculptures, cross the bridge and jump in the all inclusive see saw boat
Veer off the river and leap like a frog onto the all inclusive trampolines in the swamp lands

With a variety of individual and group fun activities, this playground seeks an adventure filled with lots of play, natural challenges and hidden discoveries.

In the tall Eucalyptus forest climb the giant tree house and take the slide back down to the fallen gum leaf steppers
  • Before image of Lieutenant Cantello Reserve location
  • Before image of Lieutenant Cantello Reserve location

“We have had the pleasure of working with Katrine and the OUTHOUSE team on our Variety Livvi’s Place Lt Cantello Reserve project over the last year.

Katrine and her team are always focused on the finer details right from the word go. They are highly professional, very personable and incredibly talented and visionary when it comes to design. They communicate openly and honestly whilst driving the project to timelines and within budgets.

We have been especially impressed with Katrine’s ability to delve into the fundamental core principles of inclusion and what that means for children and their families in the setting of a playspace. She designs for ALL to play. We loved her ideas, combined with those of the local community through consultation, to incorporate the natural habitat into the space we are enhancing.

When you work with OUTHOUSE it’s a true partnership in every sense of the word and I would have no hesitation recommending them.”