The Blaxland, Blue Mountains 2017-12-05T12:02:15+00:00

Project Description


Once a clear block of land being used for a private light aircraft runway, this transformed Modern Contemporary retreat is home to a formal, yet relaxed garden that offers extensive views of the amazing Blue Mountain landscape. Outhouse design was engaged to work in collaboration with renowned architect Daniel Briffa of Adan Creative Design to ensure there was a balance between the external and internal spaces and so framing strong clean vistas from each of the internal rooms.

The garden acts as an extension of the home, it takes advantage of the natural grade changes to offer a number of outdoor rooms whilst providing a strong connection to the site. The external areas are subtly divided into pockets with the expanse of the lawn acting as a seamless connection. The entrance is formal, with strong visual planting lines directing guests to the front entrance, whereas the more informal aspect facing the bushland view lends itself well to the pool zone and family cabana area.

A vital component of the design process was following the strict guidelines for designing in a bush Fire prone area. Together with the use of non-combustible materials such as native, low maintenance planting, masonry retaining walls, large format paving and a stencil feature concrete driveway, we were able to achieve a sustainable and architectural landscape.

It’s a stunning home in an amazing location, and was a pleasure to work in collaboration with both parties.